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Landing pages are crucial to help you convert traffic on your website no matter what type of site it is. While browsing the Internet, we are bombarded with various online marketing campaigns such as PPC, Social Media, Display ads, Banner ads and so on. When consumers are faced with the continuous barrage of a variety of ads, they are likely to tune out very quickly. The only way to capture consumer attention is to come up with interesting eye-catching unique ads. Landing pages are a crucial part of a successful online marketing campaign. A successful landing page is one that accomplishes high click-through and conversion rates. Designing a landing page that will accomplish this objective is a job for experienced professionals. The landing page design team at Kapa Digital has vast experience in coming up with landing pages that work and deliver the goods for our clients from all over the world. If you are looking for the Best Landing Page Designs, you have come to the right team to deliver what you need.

Landing Page Design – Kapa Digital Differentiation

The success of a landing page depends on how well a landing page header is able to capture visitor interest within the first three seconds or less. The heading has to grab the attention of the visitor for any of the rest of the content to matter at all. A landing page header needs to reflect what was promised in the online ad that a user clicked. This will build up trust with the visitor and will make it likely that a visitor will stay on the landing page and go on to read the landing page body content.

Nobody has the luxury of time these days and everybody just skims most stuff they come across and that certainly applies to online ads and landing page content. Hence, a landing page body should be designed so that it’s easy to skim and get the gist in a jiffy. The most crucial part of landing page design is ensuring high conversion rates. This conversion may happen via a form or a different call-to-action (CTA). It’s crucial to make sure the CTA stands out from its surroundings so it’s easily found and highlighted. This requires the clever use of color and having knowledge of cool and hot colors as well as which colors are complementary and which are contrasting.

Using the color red should be done sparsely as it’s a hot color, blue conveys calmness, and so on. We use color to our advantage in designing landing pages. Use of baby images or families for example can make a landing page design more persuasive if done right. A sense of scarcity and urgency always helps click-through rates. At Kapa Digital, we make sure our landing page designs have all the crucial elements in place. We make sure the landing pages are about the visitor and not the company. We also can help you come up with engaging copy to make sure a visitor is able to engage and connect with the landing page better. We make sure our landing pages have Social Media share buttons to cater to visitors who want to be able to share an offer, a resource, or a purchase through Social Media. We understand that trust is the most important factor in an advertising campaign and nothing helps build trust better than hearing about something from a trusted friend on Social Media.

Facebook Landing Page Design

Facebook is a powerful advertising medium and more and more online advertisers are focusing on Facebook advertising. Our Facebook landing page designsuse eye catching images to capture the attention of the customer. We make sure to use the right cool and calm color combinations in images and image backgrounds. We make sure to design a CTA button that stands out from the rest of the landing page. We make sure that the CTA button copy says something interesting rather than just a bland “Submit.” We are experts with Facebook and can easily develop a Facebook landing page that meets all of our clients varying needs no matter what they may be.

Kapa Digital Landing Page Design Advantage

Our landing page designs are tweaked to take care of the individual needs of different clients. We make sure to get the nuances right to convey the right message that a client wishes to convey. More and more online consumers are browsing the Web from smartphones and tablets. Our landing page designs are therefore always tablet and mobile-optimized. We make sure to highlight the benefits for customers when a landing page design is talking about a particular product or service offer. Testimonials can be powerful trust factors. When a client has been featured in reputed publications such as the WSJ, NYT, Forbes, and so on, we make sure to display those in the landing page design. We also perform A/B testing of our landing page designs to decide which works best for our clients. We are deeply responsive to client feedback when it comes to measuring landing page effectiveness via bounce rates, unique visitors, conversion rates, time on page and lead generation success.

Finally, we believe each landing page design project gives us an opportunity to learn. Client feedback helps us grow and become better at what we do. Having worked with a diverse set of clients in different businesses, we understand that everyone has a different expectation from an online marketing campaign. Landing pages are designed with a view to make a marketing campaign a success and accrue the desired benefits for a client. If you are looking for any advice or help with your landing page design and development, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Kapa Digital for a free consultation.

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