Branding is a really strong word that will one day denote your product and services. Everything starts with your brand, it’s the only way customers understand and perceive you. The very element of branding starts from the logo design, choosing the right color of represent you along with every single message you convey. It’s essential that that each and every element is well thought out and carefully crafted to build the perfect corporate identity you need.

At Kapa, brands are born, boosted and reborn. Our team is equipped with the acumen for creating identities for brands based on their personalities and strategically positioning them in a competitive market. We also specialize in brand refresh and development. As a Branding agency in Chennai, we have carried out the entire spectrum of branding activities for a large number of industries. From SME’s to large corporations, government organisations to non-profit agencies, we take the individual needs of our clients, their long-term goals and financial plans and carve out brands that suit their personalities.

How We Design A Branding Design

We believe all business have a story to tell. We have art directors and creative folks to help curate your product/service to come up with the perfect story that explains your business. The story becomes your brand’s inspiration.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity
  • Product branding
  • Brochure design
  • Stall design
  • How We Promote Your Brand

    Once we have created your brand and corporate identity, we do not leave you along. We help you create all your branding materials starting from your stationary and until your stall designs. We stand by you until all your product-branding strategies are achieved.

    Our imagination is not restricted to print and digital spaces. We can bring it to the walls and create conceptual art and internal branding ideas for corporates, inspired by their own core values and philosophy. Our designs are not just beautiful but are also idea-based. This niche quality distinguishes us from regular interior designers.

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